Unlike standard cylinders, CX5 high security cylinders undergo a series of attack resistance tests for forced and covert entry. Forced entry includes drilling or physically attacking the cylinder, while covert entry implies lock picking, bumping, key duplication or other techniques that leave no visible signs of entry.
The tests are rigorous and are used to determine a product’s physical resistance against these forms of attack:

  • Lock picking
  • Bypass (bumping)
  • Impression (unauthorized key duplication)
  • Destructive Entry – drilling, pulling, prying, punching, sawing and other physical attacks
  • Endurance (wear-and-tear)

CX5 high security cylinders are durable and include several security features that effectively protect against such attacks:




Unique floating side pins

Exclusive keyways

Managed key blanks

Patented key blanks

Anti-drill pins



Primary side bar

Secondary side bar

For best results, CX5 cylinders should be installed in quality door locks. Use in low quality locks may undermine CX5’s enhanced security features.