Along with the CX5 Security Groove, the CX5 Triio keys have a specially designed and patented Security Indent on the key which interacts with a third locking mechanism, another side bar, within the Triio cylinder. With the key in place, the spring loaded Triio bar retracts from the cylinder housing and into the cylinder’s plug, thereby allowing the key to turn.

CX5 Triio keys are backward compatible with existing non-Triio CX5 cylinders of the same CX5 profile and side-pin code for seamless integration and expandability with existing CX5 key systems.

Patented keys, like those from CX5 Triio, are legally protected from being manufactured and distributed by another manufacturer while non-patented keys have no such legal protection. For this reason, CX5 has focused on making CX5 keys difficult to copy, patented or not, through high precision milling, superior metal alloys and restricted key control.
Simply put, patents protect CX5 intellectual property, but it is CX5 authorized dealers and your internal key management which protect your keys.

Patented or not – all CX5 keys are geographically controlled and cannot be duplicated without an authorized dealer, quality tools, and a valid key control card.

Profile Combinations: Strength In Numbers!
CX5 High Security’s combination of CX5 Security Grooves, Triio Security Indents and unique CX5 key profiles allow for more complex key systems; allowing for
hundreds of thousands of possible key cutting combinations. Ensuring that your CX5 keys remain unique to you and your key system.