Achieving a high degree of security is dependent on a multi-layered plan to keep facilities, operations and occupants safe. It also requires established documented policies and procedures that support this plan. This plan usually consists of combination of physical, administrative, surveillance and sometimes electronic layers designed to protect, restrict or control access to certain areas – such as a home, office, manufacturing facility, server and / or storage rooms.

Understand Your Needs
There are many levels of security, some suit some areas better than others. It all depends on how strict the need to control access to keys, the location, and/or the degree of physical security required to prevent forced intrusion or lock-picking. Begin by identifying highest risk areas or locations and the doorways leading to them, this will help you prioritize and begin to identify the security measure you’ll require.

It’s All About Key Control
It is critical to the success of any security plan that the process by which keys (physical or otherwise) are stored, issued, returned and maintained are followed. A stolen or copied key is the most common way that most advanced security systems are compromised. CX5 Keys are geographically controlled and can only be issued by authorized dealers. Without these processes, criminals will have an easier time circumventing your security.

Use Quality Locks
CX5 cylinders are especially effective when used in combination with quality graded door locks made to meet or exceed industry standards for durability; such as those graded to ANSI/BHMA standards. Using low-quality door hardware may undermine the security enhancements provided by CX5 cylinders.

Crime Proof Your Facility
Using CX5 high security cylinders is a great start to crime proofing your property, but remember that no crime prevention is effective on its own. The best deterrent to theft relies on a layering effect of multiple measures.

Most Of All
Remember that criminals will take advantage of targets that present a low probability of them getting caught. When a criminal encounters several different layers of crime proofing, they simply move on to an easier target.