CX5 high security cylinders contribute to a robust security plan by providing a means to physically protect locks from picking, drilling, bumping and forcing attacks and by preventing the un-authorized duplication of keys through administrative control.

Remember: “A stolen or copied key is the most common way that most advanced security systems are compromised.”

CX5 cylinders were developed as an innovative, effective and affordable solution to enhance the physical security features of new or existing door locks equipped with common key cylinders. CX5 does this through the application of high-precision manufacturing techniques, high-quality materials, key technologies and geographic key management:

  • Managed Key Control. CX5 keys are geographically controlled and cannot be duplicated at non-authorized dealers or a local hardware store. Key blanks are provided to authorized dealers and duplicates can be made when authorized dealers are presented with a valid CX5 Control Card.
  • Enhanced Attack Resistance. Common locks or cylinders can easily be drilled or picked, but CX5 cylinders, protected by hardened steel pins, are more resistant to drilling or other forms of physical attack.
  • Multiple Locking Points. CX5 cylinders have spring-less side pins that must be aligned to release one or more side-bars, acting as a secondary (CX5 Security Groove)and tertiary (Triio Security Indents) locking mechanisms, making them very pick and bump resistant.
  • Flexible. CX5 cylinders are designed to accommodate a wide variety of lever, knobs, mortise locks, deadbolts, exit device trims and padlocks from various hardware manufacturers and distributors. Allowing door hardware from different suppliers to be brought under one flexible key system.
  • Expandable. CX5 keying systems can be designed to grow with your keying requirements. You can accommodate for expansion with confidence.

When it comes to your security needs you can count on your CX5 High Security key and locking system to offer peace of mind and affordability. Now and for the future.

Need Help?
CX5 Security Solutions can help you build a key control system and processes that will compliment your security plan. We offer several supporting services.